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Your Weekly Stars 7 September 2020

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Aries A great week for all career matters as you may get the good luck boost you have been hoping for. Even though there will be opportunities you may feel as though you have run out of energy around mid-week as the events and emotional strain of the last few months begin to catch up with you.

Taurus Romance is looking good for single Taurus people although you would be wise to avoid talking too much about it with a certain friend as they may give you bad advice or have a secret motive for what they say. Spending time taking up a new hobby or returning to an old one will bring happiness.

Gemini A good week for avoiding gossip and rumour especially around work or career as it is likely to be meaningless rubbish and will cause stress and uncertainty if you listen to it. A family member may have a very happy surprise to share with you and it is possible you will benefit in some way.

Cancer There are some good luck energies affecting your romance zone this week so make the most of the positive vibes and try to see the past more philosophically. News and communication are going to be important especially if it concerns a friend, organisation or group you may belong to.

Leo For some this week will bring a welcome boost to their income, most likely through a raise at work or perhaps through a government payment of some kind. Use the money wisely especially if some of it was unexpected. Don’t lend or share it with anyone you have any trust or uncertainty about.

Virgo This can be a good week for you with new opportunities heading your way, but there may be some confusion or upset feelings around love and relationships – especially if your partner is being distant or not completely honest with you. Talk things over and you will soon sort things out.

Libra A great week for anyone looking to move home or who is involved with buying or selling property as there is good luck around both of these areas. For the rest it will be a happy time with family and in the home but try not to pick fights or get irritated with people who rub you up the wrong way.

Scorpio Some good news you may have been waiting for is likely to come your way. Perhaps a decision will be made which will allow you to move forward or experience growth and abundance in some way. A good week for meeting new friends, especially if you are looking for love and romance.

Sagittarius A good week for your finances as they should begin to grow and progress now that a blockage or delay comes to an end on the weekend. Your career zone is highlighted and there may be a new opportunity coming to you soon, it may require a sacrifice for your family though.

Capricorn Jupiter the planet of growth and good luck starts moving forwards again in your sign on Sunday, bringing with it an ability to move forward and grow. There will be a surge of good luck on Wednesday to begin. You may receive some unexpected news from far away or from your in-laws.

Aquarius This is a great week for ending one stage of life and opening the door to another. This may happen in your personal or professional life, but it is an indication that one phase of your life is over and a better one about to start. Don’t be frightened of change, it can be a good thing.

Pisces Don’t get lost in all the small details of life this week. Trying to look at the big picture and going with the flow will help you to ride through the minor stresses and irritations of life. Spending some time by the water will be very soothing to your spirit and relaxing for your mind and body.

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