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Full Moon in Aries 21 October 2021

Find out what the Full Moon means for you this month.

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Full Moon in Aries 21 October 2021

Sign: Aries

Ruling Planet: Mars

Element: Fire

Keyword: Activity

Affirmation: “I create new beginnings and action”

The Full Moon is a time of fulfillment, nourishment, fertility and the energies you start at the Full Moon reaching a peak or harvest. This Full Moon happens in fiery and dynamic Aries on 21 October 2021.

What is the energy and focus for an Aries Full Moon?

Aries is a sign of strong individuality and personal power. The Aries Full Moon is a great time to embrace what is special about you as a person and learn to let go of any negative energy and self-talk about your self-image. Be bold and brave and go for what you want. It can be helpful to be a little bit selfish at this time, especially if you usually give in to keep the peace.

Ruled by active and fiery Mars, the Aries Full Moon is one of the most energetic and restless Moons, you may find sleeping or relaxing a bit tricky, while exercise and being active will bring a lot of satisfaction. Aries is known to inspire people to be more pioneering and trailblazing in new fields or projects. It can bring out the leadership qualities that are bold and champion themselves and others.

Aries This Full Moon is in your sign and is the half way point through your year – where things that started around your birthday will begin to show progress or show where needs improvement. A lucky time for you.

Taurus Your subconscious and hidden self is highlighted by the power of this Full Moon, which is wonderful if you are clear in yourself and have spiritual practices in place – but may be a bit confusing if not. Avoid alcohol etc.

Gemini One of your friends may become a bit much to handle as they go through some emotional stuff and want your support. This is a problem if they have been leaning too heavily on you with nothing coming back in return.

Cancer You are likely to receive some welcome praise or recognition for something that you may not have realised anyone noticed or cared about. This Full Moon is a good time for thinking about your future direction in life.

Leo This Full Moon brings you the opportunity to look at an old problem or hurt from a new perspective – possibly one which has a spiritual or higher minded focus, especially if it has personal meaning and can bring growth.

Virgo It’s all about passion and intimacy for all Virgos and the important things you share together with your loved one if you are married. A great time for thinking about future finances and long-term investments.

Libra This Full Moon bring a peak energy to your relationships with others. You will possibly be feeling very romantic and passionate around this time – or it could be that someone has made a bad enemy of you and will suffer.

Scorpio Your health is a focus at this Full Moon as it is a time where your past habits and lifestyle patterns will bring results – positive or negative. A good time for focusing on the smaller details and the rest will follow.

Sagittarius Creativity, fun, self-expression and for singles a lot of romance is coming through this Full Moon. A very happy time and one which if used wisely may see you finding your new hobby, passion, or love interest.

Capricorn You will be able to see if something you started some time ago is actually going to work or not. If it is working out less than you hoped, consider whether to just bring an end to it, or try again in a new way.

Aquarius You are likely to find what you are looking for right under your nose – or at least in your immediate neighbourhood during this Full Moon. Learning through reading and online is likely to solve a problem or two.

Pisces Your values and what you feel is important – sometimes money but often emotional or personal – are going to bring you rewards with this Full Moon. Congratulate yourself on your wise choices and where they have got you.


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