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Full Moon in Pisces 21 September 2021

Find out what the Full Moon means for you this month.

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Full Moon in Pisces 21 September 2021

Sign: Pisces

Ruling Planet: Neptune

Element: Water

Keyword: I Believe

Affirmation: I am filled with compassion and unconditional love

The Full Moon is a time of fulfillment, nourishment, fertility, and the energies you start at the Full Moon reaching a peak or harvest. This Full Moon happens in the dreamy, spiritual, and compassionate sign of Pisces on 21 September 2020.

What is the energy and focus for a Pisces Full Moon?

The emotional powers of the Moon unite with spiritual, psychic, empathic and dreamy Pisces. Pisces rules unconditional love not just for people but for all living things and the Earth itself. The ability to see the divine spiritual light within everyone is strong at this time. Sacrifice for a higher good or ideal is represented here, which combined with the unconditional love can sometimes lead to co-dependent and exploitative relationships at its worst, a truly spiritual and lasting connection at its highest.

Escaping from the world and its problems are highlighted, this can be as harmless and uplifting as tuning out into music or art that you love or as destructive as escaping into drugs and alcohol. Quiet time by the water and all water-based activities – including a relaxing bath – are all soothing to a Pisces Moon.

How the Pisces Full Moon will affect each sign

Aries A very important time for your subconscious, intuition, and all things psychic and spiritual. Your dreams may have messages for you and meditation could help you to find a path forward through a difficult or confusing situation.

Taurus Your friends – especially those friends who are like family to you – are going to be important to you now. A fantastic phase for reaching out and getting back in touch with old friends who you haven’t seen for some time.

Gemini Your career and public reputation are highlighted with this Full Moon. Some Geminis will receive well deserved praise and acknowledgement for their efforts while others could take a major step up the career ladder.

Cancer Expansion and growth are the focus, especially personal growth and broadening your horizons through learning or interacting with experts or people from other cultures. Religious beliefs and teachings could be important.

Leo This Full Moon is all about the important things you share with others – including money and resources, values, and intimacy. A great time for joint savings accounts and things like mortgages and investments.

Virgo Your one-on-one relationships with others are highlighted by this Full Moon. Focus on the romantic positives, your shared history and all that you have built together rather than small irritations which don’t really matter.

Libra The day-today routines of home and working life are in the spotlight for you, making this a fantastic time to get organised and create good habits that will make your life easier, simpler, and healthier.

Scorpio A bit week for romance – especially for singles who are looking for love, or at least a bit of fun and flirting. A lucky Full Moon for Scorpios, taking a calculated risk or small gamble could really pay off for you.

Sagittarius Home and family life are your zone of importance during this Full Moon. A great time for family connections, so even if you can’t be together in person, chat and catch up – even if there is nothing ‘important’ to say.

Capricorn This Full Moon is bringing a fantastic opportunity for you to really get clear in your mind about anything which has been uncertain or worrying for you – especially where you are heading on your life path long term.

Aquarius Your values and what is really important to personally are under the spotlight. A situation may arise where you have to either take a stand or take a side according to what you believe in. Great for money.

Pisces This Full Moon is in your sign making this an important phase for you at a personal level – especially around your self- image and confidence. Feeling love and acceptance for yourself will help you heal and grow.


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