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New Moon in Scorpio 5 November 2021

Find out what the New Moon means for you this month.

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New Moon in Scorpio 5 November 2021

Sign: Scorpio

Ruling Planet: Pluto

Element: Water

Keyword: Intensity

Affirmation: “I transform myself and others and am renewed”

The New Moon is a time of initiations and beginnings when we are given a chance to make a fresh start, let go and leave the past behind and plant the seeds of our next phase with clarity and intention. This New Moon happens in intense, sexy and dramatic Scorpio on 5 November 2021.

What is the energy and focus for a Scorpio New Moon?

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the most intense and transformative planet in the solar system. Great for letting go of things that hold you back, and for getting help from a counsellor or therapist if you need extra assistance. Fantastic for beating addictions of all kinds, including to people and unhealthy relationships.

This New Moon helps you to see things clearly and without emotion and for getting to the bottom of things – especially if there is dishonesty or manipulation involved. An excellent opportunity for changing something you don’t like about your life or yourself. One of the best times of all for having a de-clutter, detox or clean out.

How the Scorpio New Moon will affect each sign

Aries For some Aries this New Moon will bring some passionate intimate times with their partner or lover, while for others this is going to be a time of making wills and taking out loans and insurance policies.

Taurus A great time for you to finally let go of attachments and resentments about past relationships, especially if they are holding you back from making a fresh start with someone who is different to those who hurt you.

Gemini This New Moon gives the energy boost for those Geminis who are wanting to turn their health and fitness around or perhaps just want to get in shape and feel gorgeous again. What you start now may last a long time.

Cancer Romance is in the air for single Cancer people as this New Moon may well bring an introduction or chance meeting with someone who lights up your heart and imagination. Children will create a happy vibe.

Leo This New Moon brings the opportunity to let go and bring something to an end which has perhaps dragged on longer than it should. Knowing when to stay or when to give up and move on is a gift you may discover.

Virgo The New Moon in your mind and communication zone gives you the opportunity to really think things through and plan your next step and then be able to talk others into supporting you in what you want to do.

Libra Things are looking good for you money-wise, so make the most of the extra cash by investing in something big rather than just frittering it away on little treats. Getting clear on where you stand on a matter will bring peace.

Scorpio This New Moon in your sign gives you the opportunity to make a fresh start and make some substantial changes to how you have been doing things so far. For those who are looking to change their appearance – now is the time.

Sagittarius This is a wonderful time for you to get in touch with your inner world and also your spirituality and beliefs about things which can’t be seen but are very real anyway. Dreams may hold the answer to a problem.

Capricorn A fantastic time for networking or for just reaching out to those people who are on your wavelength and perhaps joining a group or organisation aligned with your interests and beliefs. A good time for business profits.

Aquarius This New Moon creates the right circumstances for you to make a career change, start a business or just finally get a real sense of what it is you are supposed to be doing in this life in a worldly and material sense.

Pisces This New Moon will make you feel more optimistic about the future and life in general. Fantastic for travel, even if it is only a few hours away. Time to expand your horizons and see what is possible before making any big choices.


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