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Psychic reading for August 2021

Find out what this month’s psychic reading has in store for you.

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Welcome to my psychic reading for the coming month of August 2021. This reading is a general guide to this month’s energies and how to best use them, through the medium of a five card Tarot reading.

To do this I shuffle and spread the Tarot cards and place them in positions relating to the four elements of Earth. Water, Air and Fire, plus a fifth card representing the spiritual essence of the month. Then using my intuition, knowledge, and psychic abilities I interpret what these cards mean and give you the reading below.

Card 1. Earth money | work and career | security and stability | physical health | property and houses

Seven of Swords

This card is sometimes a warning against scams or tricksters who will try to take your money through deception. It can also have indications for theft – so be careful with your valuables. A good reminder to play things safe financially and to stick with what is proven and grounded. Not the best time for lending money to others unless you can afford to let it go.

Card 2. Water emotions | relationships | friendships | family and homelife | moods and intuition

Four of Pentacles

An excellent card if you are coming out of a shaky or worrying time, as it shows strong foundations and security plus the ability to hang onto what is necessary. At its best, the Four of Pentacles indicates a time where you can share what you have with others and enjoy your abundance. The only downside of this card is that you may be feeling insecure and tempted to hang on too tightly to things or people to make you feel better.

Card 3. Air mind | thoughts | communication | stress and anxiety | messages and documents

King of Swords

This card can represent a man in your life who is intelligent and speaks his mind. If you want to win with him, use reason and logic rather than emotion - he will respect it. Other than that, this card is excellent for making your thoughts and feelings known and for getting things organised in your mind. Great for all kinds of writing and communicating and also for seeing a situation or person clearly.

Card 4. Fire spirituality | positive energy | creativity | psychic insights | inspiration and action.

Ten of Cups

Fantastic for feelings of harmony and peace, the Ten of Cups can represent being on the same wavelength with your loved ones, making agreements easy and flowing. One of the abundance cards it shows that you will feel true wealth within your emotions and relationships. Can represent a time where your dreams and emotional wishes are in alignment with your higher spiritual purpose.

Card 5. Essence the overall spiritual energy and message for this month

Six of Wands

The key phrase for this card is ‘victory and triumph’ making it a wonderful card for success and winning - especially after a time of struggle and difficulty. It brings a sense of victory and accomplishment, but always with honour and dignity - you can keep your head held high and still win what you want. Can represent reaching a significant milestone or goal successfully.

I hope you find this psychic reading useful. If you would like to explore further or have your questions answered through a private email psychic or astrology reading with me, please go to for more information or to book and pay.

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