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Second Full Moon in Aquarius 22 August 2021

Find out what the Full Moon means for your sign this month.

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Second Full Moon in Aquarius 22 August 2021

Sign: Aquarius

Ruling Planet: Uranus

Element: Air

Keyword: I Know

Affirmation: “I am my unique, free and true self”

As this is the second Full Moon in Aquarius in a row, I will focus on how this Full Moon will affect each sign.

Aries This Full Moon is going to highlight your friends, social groups and any organisation you may be involved in. A great time for networking and making contact with people of influence, self-employed people may get a boost to their business income.

Taurus Your career and public reputation zone is being energised by this Full Moon. A fantastic time for getting ahead in worldly matters or for dealing with people in positions of authority or government. Praise or reward for your past efforts is likely.

Gemini A great time for broadening your horizons and expanding your knowledge. For some this will come through study and higher learning – for others it can come through exploring new ideas and philosophies.

Cancer This Full Moon is highlighting your passion and intimacy zone – leading to romantic and sizzling times with the one you love. It is also a great time for sorting out shared investments, wills or for taking out loans and insurance.

Leo Your relationship zone is being boosted by the Moon’s energy making all your one-on-one relationships with others important and intense. A happy time for loved up couples, but for those with problems it may cause tension.

Virgo A great time for your day to day working life and routine. Your health is highlighted too, which for some may see you finding the right professional for your needs or the motivation to tackle a fitness plan.

Libra This is a good time for love, romance and enjoying time with friends and family, just being social and connecting with each other. Singles may find new love while others may feel lucky when a gamble pays off.

Scorpio Your home and family is where the action and heart is during this Full Moon. Those who are hoping to buy their own home or move to a new one will find it easier with these energies. Quality time with family will bring happiness.

Sagittarius There is a lot of talking, thinking, and writing for you with this Moon. Expect lots of messages back and forth, perhaps a special letter or email will arrive which tells you that your future is looking much brighter,

Capricorn This Full Moon is all about money, finances and what you value. Excellent for unexpected windfalls or bonus payments, and also for making long term plans and budgets to help you attain your goals

Aquarius This is the second Full Moon in your sign in a row and in many ways, this is like your own personal Blue Moon. Your energy and insight will be heightened at this time, especially if you are planning your next step.

Pisces Your intuition and psychic abilities are heightened by this Full Moon in your zone of the subconscious and spiritual. Some may find it hard to sleep properly or may have very vivid dreams that hold a message for you.


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