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Your Weekly Stars 17 July 2023

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a private email psychic or astrology reading with me, please go to For those people who want a ‘face to face’ reading with me I offer zoom online psychic and astrology readings. For more information or to book and pay please go to

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Aries A cycle of your life is coming to an end this week. For some this will be to do with home and family, but for most Aries this week will be a turning point between the old ways and new way of life. Your health is coming under some really positive energies over the coming few weeks too.

Taurus With your current planetary influences you may end up promising more than you can deliver – especially where your family is concerned. Think carefully before you speak or make offers as commitments and obligations may start to add up and leave you with no time or energy for yourself.

Gemini The New Moon on Tuesday brings an opportunity for you to make a fresh start financially and also for you to re-examine some of your beliefs and values now you have grown and changed. Communication with loved ones may be a bit difficult at times – focus on the positives.

Cancer The New Moon in your sign on Tuesday is like your own personal New Year – making this a great time for fresh starts and new beginnings and also for setting goals for the next six months. You may be feeling a bit more intense than usual on Friday – so try to keep your cool with others.

Leo Loving Venus goes retrograde in your sign this weekend, giving you the opportunity to go back and reconnect with a friend or loved one who has dropped out of your life. Be careful of what you say on Monday as there is a tendency for you to blurt out more than is wise or that you intended.

Virgo You may feel in opposition to others at times this week. Make sure that you are not pushing people faster than they are ready for – they may put their walls up very quickly. Your subconscious zone has three planets in it by this Sunday – your intuition and dreams may have messages.

Libra Your career and worldly status is highlighted by Tuesday’s New Moon, making this a good time for starting new work projects or even a new job entirely. A friendship may be in need to some extra care – especially if you have been too busy with life to catch up properly for a long time.

Scorpio A great week for reaping the rewards of past work and effort and perhaps getting some well-deserved praise and recognition. You have great planetary influences for love and receiving some generosity from someone close – perhaps a special present. Money matters may need attention.

Sagittarius Money and other people may cause you a lot of stress this week as something you counted on may fall through or be less than you thought it would be. Taking a practical and methodical approach will help you to sort things out and come through the other side quickly and easily.

Capricorn A fresh start in your relationships with others is likely this week as the New Moon hits off your relationship zone with plenty of positive new energy. Pluto in your sign may make you a little pushy and powerful at times this week – save it for the really big issues and chill the rest of the time.

Aquarius Your relationships and dealing with others are under some stressful influences this week as loving and romantic Venus goes retrograde in your relationship zone. Try to focus on the positives you share rather than old grudges and resentments from the past. Money is looking favourable.

Pisces This is a much better week for singles looking for love than those who are in a couple. You need to guard against being so stubborn about an issue that those around you feel the need to really shout and push to get through to you. Singles have Tuesday’s New Moon creating luck in love.

I hope you find enjoy this week’s horoscope insightful. If you would like a psychic or astrology reading, I offer accurate email psychic and astrology readings which give insight and guidance to empower and support you. I have over 30 years' experience helping people make positive choices, heal, be strong and lead happier, more fulfilling lives. Please go to for more information or to book and pay

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