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Your Weekly Stars 19 December 2022

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week. I am on leave until Tuesday 27 December, if you would like to book ahead for when I return please go to For those people who want a ‘face to face’ reading with me I offer zoom online psychic and astrology readings. For more information or to book and pay please go to

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Aries Good luck and abundance planet Jupiter moves into your sign on Tuesday – just in time to bring a happy boost to your Christmas. For some, this week is a great time for you to look ahead at your future career path for next year and how it can best serve you rather than you serving it.

Taurus This is a good week to get organised and motivated about your health and fitness. At the moment making lots of small changes will bring better, longer-lasting results than trying to force yourself into a completely different lifestyle all at once. Investments and money are highlighted.

Gemini Looking towards the future and making plans for your financial wellbeing are a good way to use the planetary energies of this week. After the break, shop around for investment advice and carefully check the credentials of whoever you choose. Small changes you make now will soon add up.

Cancer The New Moon, loving Venus, chatty Mercury and after Thursday – the Sun, will all be in your zone of relationships and others this week. A chance to start again with either a new love or by renewing and healing an old one. Your career is highlighted by some very happy and positive stars.

Leo Even if you are doing the family thing on Christmas day, the rest of the time you will be living it up with your friends and having a great time. If you are younger, remember to look out for your friends when out partying, as it seems that one of them could run into trouble if left to take care of themselves.

Virgo Amorous Venus and three other planets in your romance zone will bring love affairs and fun times into your life. A new lover may bring out a side of you that had been hidden for a long time, making you feel very happy. Watch out for a ‘frenemy’ who is always nice to your face but causes trouble.

Libra Your relationship zone is coming under a happy boost this week as Jupiter – planet of good luck and abundance, moves into your zone of relationships and others. A good time for focussing on the good things you share with others and not sweating the small stuff that can cause irritations.

Scorpio The New Moon may bring a crisis on Friday, and there are some serous decisions to be made as a result. You should be feeling ready for the challenge. Look for practical solutions to your problems, as just hanging on and hoping things will work out isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Sagittarius This is a good luck week where most things will go your way. Charm and tact will get you what you want, so don’t let your temper rip – even if you are provoked. Money matters will become more important, most likely because you feel so good you want to be generous to others and end up overspending.

Capricorn This is a big week for Capricorns as the New Moon on Friday and four planets are all in your sign, creating energy and a chance to make a fresh start in any area of your life you feel has grown stale. Home and family are highlighted with positive energy – especially if you are travelling home for Christmas.

Aquarius A good week for taking things easy and trying not to get too caught up in the Christmas rush. Some good news, possibly long distance, will make this week a happy and memorable one for some Aquarians, while for others, the New Moon will bring a fresh inspiration and insight.

Pisces Your financial zone is highlighted by Jupiter, planet of growth and abundance, after this Tuesday, so make the most of your good luck by paying off debts and saving for later on. A few small treats will be good, just don’t go too far. A long-held wish may begin to come true very soon.

I hope you find enjoy this week’s horoscope insightful. If you would like a psychic or astrology reading, I offer accurate email psychic and astrology readings which give insight and guidance to empower and support you. I have over 30 years' experience helping people make positive choices, heal, be strong and lead happier, more fulfilling lives. Please go to for more information or to book and pay

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